It’s ova… the hiatus is OVA !!

In 8 months time a woman can practically give birth to a baby.  The weather can go from warm to cold and back to warm again.  Some people on a celebrity show about weight loss can lose over 100 pounds. 

In the World of White Sox baseball … some things stay the same… The last time I spent time on this blog,  the Sox were near the bottom of the basement in the A.L. Central.   NOW about a month into the NEW season, they are virtually in the same place.

 This team was to be OZZIE’S TEAM.  A new kind of team.  A team that can run.  A team that can steal.  A team that can hit.  A team that can pitch.  Not the team swinging for the fences like LAST YEAR.  This team was to be a RE-BIRTH.  The additions of Jones , Kotsay , Teahen , Vizquel , Pierre,  and Putz were to HELP make this team better. The “sad” subtraction of Thome and Dye were also supposed to make this team better.    It has not turned out that way thusfar!

Many fans are saying that it is still early.  There still is time.  But how much longer must we deal with this? Myself and many other fans have waited SO LONG for this NEW season of 2010 White Sox baseball to  begin, but now we are in a state of shock over the poor start of this team. Pierre is not leading off too well, Beckham is in a slump, the starting pitching is not doing as well as it should be etc. etc.  

I don’t think throwing in the towel is quite appropriate yet.  But if this does not get better soon, we all might have to declare “This season is OVA!”



After the boys of summer are gone —

I was driving my car home from an evening w my bff when I heard that semi-classic song on the radio (by Don Henley).  It made me think about how much I was going to miss my boys over the off season.  I choked up and almost teared up.  Those “boys” of summer were practically my saving grace over a summer that I would label “craptastic”.  I had some personal issues going on and the Sox made my summer a bit more optimistic.  I spent alot of time there at the Cell and even if the Sox lost, it sure felt a wee bit magical to be there !

Even though this season has not been a great one for my boys , there have been wonderful moments such as Burhl’s PERFECTO , PK’s 3 hr game, and Dye and PK’s historical back to back jacks in Detroit.  Other bright spots have been the re-emergence of Pods on the team (and even better than in 05), the pick up of Peavy, and possibly Beckham being ROY !! (Hey , when Josie goes on her vacation far away , please call me !! LOL ) 

I had the opportunity to attend 4 games during this last homestand.  I was able to score some pretty good seats.  I have declared my semi-support for the Kitties.  Why?  I believe Kitty fans are more educated about the game and don’t rub it in your face.  They cheered for their team , but not in an overly obnoxious way.  The players also threw more balls to young Sox fans than the Twins did.  The Twins threw their balls to older fans wearing Twins gear. 

The last days at the park were wonderful.  They were special.  I hope to bottle those memories up for days when the temperature is 8 degrees with a -20 wind chill.  It will be a long off season , but hopefully I can keep myself entertained until mid February “10”. I might go to the big Sox fest in January and who knows, maybe get to Spring Training !!

There is still a week left in the season.  I hope the boys have some confidence to really finish BIG !!    

Go Sox !! Even though you are most likely a third place team this year, I still luv ya !!   


They’ve broke my HEART :(

Love can be a wonderful, but yet painful thing.  When two people are meshing, it is such a beautiful thing.   When two people are in conflict, it can be tragic.   My heart is broke.  I am in conflict with this team.  I want them to win so badly, but they cannot do it for me.  I put it in my mind that about two weeks ago that this team would not make it to the playoffs, but I expected them to FINISH BIG!!   It looks like that isn’t even happening 😦

However, I believe that they are going through “something” and that eventually they will get out of their “funk”.   Maybe, just maybe they will clear their heads in the off season (which makes me really really sad).  The ballpark lies empty and cold.  No players to be found roaming around after weekend games in the hottest spots in the Chi.  No ballgames except the ones that I have DVR’d.    I am not a big Bears fan, but I do wish them well.  Football for me just doesn’t do it like baseball does.  I will really be frumpy come a week and a half !! I will be countiing down the days until pitchers and cathers report down in Arizona!

To fill my mind with great memories of baseball during the offseason, I attended all three games this past weekend versus The Royals.  I scored the most AWESOME seat right behind the duggout on Friday last minute.  I saw Gordon (also known as my future husband lol ) up close and personal (okay okay I WISH).   Vince Vaughn (a Chicago native ) was about 10 seats to my left with his entourage. 

 I LOVED THAT SEAT SOOOO MUCH.  I almost could touch the players as really they were only a few feet away from me!  IT WAS SOOO AWESOME and worth every penny I spent on it.   On Saturday I was given TWO tickets right next to the bullpen from my SO. My bff was my “date” since my SO took off to St. Louis to follow his team.  WE HAD such a great time !!! We were giggling and laughing all game . My bff was enjoying the view of some attractive pitchers in the bull pen.  Peavy looked pretty darn good.  He kept throwing strikes and kept the Royals down to 3 runs.   Sunday I went by myself and scored a nice tick one row back from the ticks I had on Saturday.  I saw some of the same guys from last night pitch and hang out in the pen.  I was really impressed w Dotel.  He took a picture w me last night (which got erased when I think I hit the wrong button ).  He was taking pictures w people today , he signed a ball , and he was smiling and waving to all who made some sort of contact with him.  I think that is GREAT !!! During the season he got on my nerves w his inconsistent pitching. however seeing him interact w the fans has got a special lil place in my heart.  

I think I may attend a week night game w the Twins and then maybe a game or two next weekend against the Kitties.  I enjoy the CELL, and even though my boys have really broke my heart w their lack of hustle , I still love them !!!!!  They keep me coming back for me.    

My Jim Thome POEM

*The South side of Chicago is having a bad day

* Jim Thome just got traded to L.A.

*Hopefully he will earn a ring and bang out more home runs

* He has been a Sox team member full of grace, pride, and made the game look like alot of fun

*KW raised his white flag and is starting to re-write the book

* He will be interested in speed, intuition, and bringing a whole new look to this team that faded fast in 2009

*It is extremely sad to see “Mr. Incredible”  go , but KW thought it was his closing time

* If he returns to the Cell , White Sox fans will still treat him great for he has 564 home runs under his belt and a lifetime ba. of .278

* Thank You big Jim for your time here on the Soxside 🙂   Show them in L.A. that you really are a great stand up guy !!

Happy Birthday to back2back2back Virgos !!

This blog goes out to you “boys” — Nix, Thome, and Quentin !!

I hope you all somehow telepathically receive my birthday greetings or somehow read this blog (I assume not though , you all have better things to do with your time in your hotel rooms to read blogs ha ha ) .

May you three have joyful and wonderful birthdays.  Nix celebrated his birthday yesterday with a sloppy loss to the Beantown Bombers. Not too fun , but I hope the shots at the club after the game were good (or if no club, maybe a good room service meal in hiding )?  Thome celebrated his birthday today with a win over those same Beantown Bombers.  I have a feeling the candles on the cake after the steakhouse were blown beautifully.  Hopefully , just hopefully — TCQ will be happily celebrating after a win against the Yanks (Sabathia on the mound and Burhls in a funk — I dunno about this one ). Birthday festivities — You just might need a few sessions in a boxing ring to numb this sting on your next day off — PLEASE no bashing the bat in hissy fit like last year !!

Here is my gift to you all — some Astrological advice/feedback—

 I have studied a bit of Astrology and I like Virgos. You are hardworking , logical thinkers,  very focused, reliable, and REALLY LOYAL ( I know about Virgo loyalty firsthand ).  All three of you boys can dig deeper into your good VIRGO characteristics for the SAKE of YOUR FANS.  TCQ — A batting average of .234 doesn’t scream loyalty and realiability to me !!!!!  Big Jim— It is soo awesome that you have 23 homers to your credit but can you sometimes NOT FOCUS on just hitting the ball out of the park?  Sometimes you get up there to the plate and there is a man on third — just hit a ball through the hole so that he can SCORE !!  Jayson — I am going to cut you some slack as you are rookie and I don’t really know you too well .  Over the past few days you have shown some good promise in Boston with a smack over the big Green Monster and a few hits so continue this !!  I know Virgos tend to over analyze things –please don’t — you seem to be smacking the ball around pretty good as of late and the errors have not been as pronounced —

Happy Birthday from the Soxlady8– When you blow out those candles though — may your wishes be on making the playoffs !!


Dear Chicago White Sox (an open letter … from an upset fan)

I am tired of checking my email every morning and getting insignificant emails from your organization.   The email message from a few days ago was called “playoff payoff”.  I deleted it right away.  Well first of all , the team has to EXECUTE good defense and not LEAVE RISP’s continually  in order to make it to the playoffs. Losing the series against the ORIOLES does not cut the mustard !! Losing the first two in Beantown is not great either (and those games could have been won ).  The email message from this morning (or was it yesterday morning?? ) was titled “fantasy list” (or something to that nature ). Sure I have a “fantasy” list of handsome baseball players I would like to……     okay-okay wrong list— but the REALITY is that ON PAPER this team should be doing ALOT better than they are doing as of late . Peavy isn’t ready yet,  Rios has practically done nothin’ since his pick up , Kotsay hasn’t really seen too much game time for me to make a full analysis , JD is a slumpin’ big time , Gordon looks like he is in mini funk, Burhl’s has not been the same since the PERFECTO , and there seems to be no real leadership when it comes to managing and in the clubhouse !!

I also would like you to send me a check in the amount of $700.  Last night I probably threw an 80 mph curve “remote control” ball at Scott Linebrink’s face.  There is a crack now in my television.  He threw a very bad pitch to Jason Bay and BAM — it wenta flyin’ over the green monster in left — After that — there was no hope —   Wait , I am in no hurry — I think maybe you all better hold off as there are 2 more televisions in my household and a Blackberry set up with Fox Sports !!

There are approximately 5.5 weeks left in the season.  This season hasn’t totally been a wash  — there have been some truly beautiful moments — but the biggest and best moment of winning a WS in October just isn’t happening — so I am tired of hearing KW yap his mouth about WINNING and WINNING NOW — this team has too many “holes” in the lineup to even think about it !!

 I have friends and colleagues who have given up on their respective team.  They are now ready to pay hommage to the BEAR and the INDIAN . I wasn’t ready for that yet — I still had hope — Looking at the standings this mere afternoon has dwindled my hope  😦     I was not expecting the Twinkies to be let in on this race and here there are –sharing a tie for second place. I am ready to be a UNITED CHICAGOAN and indeed pay hommage to the BEAR and the INDIAN !!  

In conclusion — I am upset.  I am tired.  I am broke.  My heart aches.   This team has made me feel like a 17 year old gal who got stood up for her junior prom date.  The dress was schmancy , the date was handsome , I was soo excited — and then he drove 45 minutes to the closest nearby town because the captain of the cheerleading team there (named Autumn Tiffany) needed an emergency date for her prom who wasn’t a relative  !!    I throw in the towel and my white flag is pearched high in the sky. I will continue to support my boys from the south.  I do hope that next year’s pasture will be greener.    Thanks for reading my letter and thanks for a pretty .500 year with spoon full of sugar thrown in from time to time.

Respectfully — Soxlady8— ahh and the check can be mailed to my house 1.5 miles away from the Cell —   

Time to put a cork in it ???

The last few days have been terrible for Sox fans to endure.  The Sox lost the series against the second worst team in MLB (worst team in AL) THE ORIOLES.  The last game against them (Sun.) was pitiful when Burhl’s AGAIN started off like CRUD. I believe he is winless since the Perfecto and his ERA is inching closer and closer to 6 !!  I have no idea what is going on in his mind, but he needs to get it together.  The boys are not out of the race yet, but is it time to start thinking about putting a cork in it ?  The Twinkies were able to win against THE ORIOLES tonight. Will they win the next two games ?  They are only one game behind us.  Could this division be a three way race ?  UMMMM Hello headaches and bellyaches if this is the CASE. It is bad enough keeping up with the progress of the Kitties — now I got to keep up with the progress of the Twinkies — YUCK !!  

Contreras today was absolutely painful to watch.  He pitched beautifully a few days ago against Zach Grienke , but that start did not rub off on him today.  He managed to let the R Sox score 6 unearned runs in a single innning !! The W Sox were up , but could not hold on due to Contreras.  I give him so much credit for coming back after his terrible injury last year . I am not sure if it is his body or his heart that is getting in the way now.  It should be interesting to see what is going to happen to him for the remainder of the year.  I think he will be designated to the bullpen and now Garcia will take his place. However, Garcia was not too sharp last Tuesday but he appears to be the best option for right now .  

Peavy may start as soon as Saturday in New York !!   I do not know how to feel about that.  He suffered a pretty terrible injury not too long ago — is he really ready to start ? Could starting too soon be detrimental in the long run — that I do not know ??? More information should be available tomorrow and in the next days to come.

What I do know is this — I had a great time attending the ELVIS game on Friday.  It was my first ELVIS night experience !! I was invited to go by a lifelong friend (who I had not seen in a awhile ) whose MOM was a big big big big ( and still is ELVIS fan ). I remember spending time at her home when I was a youngin’  and her mom usually was playing ELVIS tunes !!   The concert after the game was really awesome and so were the fireworks.  The Flying Elvi who brought the flag in before the game were sooo fun too !!  Even if you are not a big big Elvis fan — I highly suggest the theatrics and FUN that this game produces. It would have been even better if the Sox could have taken care of business against the O’s , but ohhh well —

Well the jury isn’t officially out on the cork issue — I will let you know in about a week — Hopefully tomorrow things can be better in Boston w Garcia (most likely going to the mound ).  FINGERS CROSSED  and a bottle of some red wine chillin’ in the fridge —